What is your discipline, your profession? (How do you name and define it)

I have trouble naming my profession. (I do not like definitive occupations). I love building spaces: I chose very early on to do this with light.

What does choreography mean to you today?

Everything fixed can be damaged, everything in movement can remain.” Jean Tinguely

What are you currently working on, and/or what is on your mind?

The stretchiness of space, its plasticity, the choice of setting, of direction, shape and shapelessness...these are the things that I am currently reflecting on.

Which artists have been important for you? (all fields combined)
— What have you learnt or discovered from them?

The writing style of Marguerite Duras, the music of Einstürzende Neubauten: because they both spirit up intellectual emotions in harsh situations. Agnès Martin and Pierre Soulages because they both render the space between canvas, and myself, active. Gustave Courbet, because he painted transparent trees, which seem almost to be mist. Alain Bashung for his use of language. Le Corbusier because he was a visionary. Gus van Sant for all of the above, or almost.

- “Less is more

How do you perceive the relationship with audiences?

I consider it to be calm...not definitively, though.

What is missing today?

Projected vision. Also, a sense of consistency.

highlighted dates: public open activities


October 2020

  • 10 October to 4 January
    "100% polyester, objet dansant n° (à définir)" by Christian Rizzo and Caty Olive

    FRAC, Franche-Comté

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