After playing in various post-punk groups, Didier Ambact became drummer for Treponem Pal in 1991 (the group which founded the industrial metal wave in France). Treponem Pal toured Europe with Nine Inch Nails, Prong and Carcass, was support act for Godflesh or Faith No More, and participated in numerous festivals (Transmusicales, Printemps de Bourges, Francofolies, Dour, etc.). The band also played live on MTV Europe, Canal +, M6, MCM or France 2.

Treponem Pal made 4 albums including Excess & Overdrive produced by Franz Treichler (The Young Gods) and Higher by Sascha Koniezko (KMFDM) in Seattle, USA.

When the group split up in 2001, after studying sound techniques at INFA, Didier Ambact went on to found Fast Forward, a hardcore noise group which toured Europe and released about twenty singles and two albums. He played synthesisers and helped to forge the group's sound identity.

At the same time, he partnered techno group Micropoint, of the General Dub collective, which lead him to create outstanding performances with a Buto dancer, a VJ and remix artists such as Lab ° or Mimetic.

From 2005 onwards, he has worked regularly with choreographer Christian Rizzo :
. soit le puits était profond, soit ils tombaient très lentement, car ils eurent le temps de regarder tout autour (2005) with Gérôme Nox
. jusquʼà la dernière minute on a espéré que certains nʼiraient pas (2006)
. Opéra(tion) Remix (2007), trio with Wouter Krouker
. mon amour (2008) with Gérôme Nox, Bruno Chevillon and Mark Thompkins
. ni cap, ni grand canyon for the Lyon Opera ballet (2009)

He then began writing a poetic journal (Maison Dieu) which was released in 2013 with Hugues Facorat. That same year, he worked on Christian Rizzo’s, "after a true story" with drummer and sound designer King Q4 (Fingerlab).

Since then, he has worked with dancer Harris Gkekas for his duo "VWA" (creation 2016), has prepared an in-situ sound installation (Au-delà) with performer Jean-Baptiste André and a musical creation (Stellaris) based on a new set of scales emanating from the vibrations of the stars, based on the discoveries of Sylvie Vauclair, researcher at the CNRS.

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July 2020

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    "d'après une histoire vraie" by Christian Rizzo

    Corum, Montpellier
    — in the framework of Festival Montpellier Danse 2020

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