Initiated by her father when very young to the respiratory and postural practices of pranayama yoga, during her initial training at the Barcelona “Institut del Teatre”, Germana Civera opted for contemporary dance.

She participated in the creation of contemporary choreography and has been active on the international scence since 1990 alongside Mathilde Monnier, Alain Rigout, Félix Rückert, Jérôme Bel, Benoît Lachambre, Alain Buffard and many others.

Germana Civera founded and runs the association Inesperada. Her work has been performed on several occasions; in particular at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, National Centre of Dance (Pantin), International Festival of Montpellier Danse, the National Choreographic Centre of Montpellier, as part of the “Hors Séries” project, the International Riocenacontemporanea Festival (Brazil), La Porta (Barcelona), La Caldera (Barcelona), the Franco-Spanish Festival MIRA (Toulouse), the Georges Pompidou Centre (Paris), the National Theatre of Catalonia, El Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona), the Rawawit Espace for Performing Arts (Cairo), the Festival Transamériques FTA (Montreal), etc.

Germana was award-winner of the 1998 Villa Médicis - Hors les Murs/AFFA, with the project El trance de las tijeras in partnership with visual artist, Victoria Civera. She received the Barcelona City Award for Excellence for her work FUERO (n).

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October 2020

  • 10 October to 4 January
    "100% polyester, objet dansant n° (à définir)" by Christian Rizzo and Caty Olive

    FRAC, Franche-Comté

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