Pratique du matin/exerce

October 24th to 28th, 2016 and March 13th to 17th, 2017 [professional and advanced dancers] — Studio Yano, ICI—CCN

Prices: 30€ for 5 lessons | Conditions of participation: presence required on the whole session


“Perform a dance with words. Perform a story through an improvised collective dance. Borrow movements from each other until they become a danced story. The Feldenkrais Method opens learning fields to the deepest part of the body, transforming our behaviour in order to reveal hidden potential. By combining this method with specific choreographic techniques (improvisation, body-to-body contact, etc.), kinaesthetic approaches (Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, etc.) and meditation, I-Fang Lin offers participants a process of discovery, starting from the status quo.

During the five-day workshop, two additional transformations will be alternately explored: the transformation of dance into words and the transformation of words into dance. Each of these transformations will be based on the plurality of participants’ performance, according to their energy levels and personal background.

Sessions will be introduced by Feldenkrais practice, followed by a progressive introduction into the specific context of the workshop. When it comes to changing dance into words, things start with movement before bringing in dance and selecting extracts from the repertory, alone, in duet, as a trio or in groups. At this point, feelings and emotions will be allowed to take over. Participants will be encouraged to put ideas into words, and share them. Two groups will then transform the words into dance. In turn, each group will create a dance based on a true story told by a member of the other group. The idea here is to develop group improvisation, without prior discussion, inspired by the inner state produced by the story and the instantaneous perception of space and other dancer-performers. On the final day, we will attempt to recall what is able to stand the test of time as we tell our own story, before dancing the story that we have written together.”
I-Fang Lin

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October 2020

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