Conference around landscape

Tuesday 6th December 2016 — ESBAMA – École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

Co-hosted by ICI—CCN Montpelllier et de l’ESBAMA, in the framework of groupe de recherche SKÉNÉ

Bailly Jc Hermance Triay
Jean-Christophe Bailly © Hermance Triay
1 / 1 — Jean-Christophe Bailly © Hermance Triay

For the new season, the ICI—CCN will be focusing on the idea of “Landscapes of the story / Stories of the landscape”, questioning physical presence as it in turn reveals a space in the landscape. What can be considered as a landscape?

In partnership with Montpellier’s ESBAMA and the research group SKÉNÉ which places this conference in the framework of its workshop "le paysage en point de mire”, we are honoured to welcome writer Jean-Christophe Bailly for the first conference of the season.

“Endlessly revisited and entered, space is what is left between things, space is the sum of all spacing. Between the closest and the most remote, there is the possible where action takes place. It is giddiness, a call, a landscape and the body answers to it.”

Listen to the conference:

Jean-Christophe BAILLY's conference at ESBAMA Montpellier

— Part 1 to discover HERE

— Part 2 to discover HERE

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