Fenêtre sur résidence

Tuesday 18th October 2016 at 6pm — [specific price to the partner]
— Cinéma Diagonal (partnership)

Friday 28th October 2016 at 7pm — the Cunningham studio / Agora [free entry]

Philippe Grandrieux is in residence of research and creation from October 17th to 28th, 2016

"Unrest" © Philippe Grandrieux / EPILEPTIC - 2016
"Unrest" © Philippe Grandrieux / EPILEPTIC - 2016
1 / 3 — "Unrest" © Philippe Grandrieux / EPILEPTIC - 2016
"Meurtrière" © Philippe Grandrieux / EPILEPTIC - 2015
2 / 3 — "Meurtrière" © Philippe Grandrieux / EPILEPTIC - 2015
"White Epilepsy" © Philippe Grandrieux / EPILEPTIC - 2012
3 / 3 — "White Epilepsy" © Philippe Grandrieux / EPILEPTIC - 2012

Philippe Grandrieux's films give a sensitive vision of the world, connecting us to the most archaic strengths and permanently binding image and body. Making movies is an erotic act, a physical thing, full of desire and the intensity of presence. It is flow and rhythm. It is a body which opens to memory and recall.

The work of Philippe Grandrieux explores a plural practice of filmmaking, combining experimentation and research. His artistic demands lead him to push each of these fields to their limit, constantly inventive and radical.

In 2012, he began the UNREST trilogy, on the subject of anxiety. Every movement, White Epilepsy, Meurtrière, Unrest, is composed of performance, film and installation. The frame of the three films is vertical. It echoes the openings in the walls of medieval defensive constructions, known as “meurtrière”, keyhole openings from which archers could safely see out.

He has directed four feature films: Sombre (1998), La Vie nouvelle (2002), Un lac (2008), and Malgré la nuit (2015).

As part of his residence for research and creation, Philippe Grandrieux will screen Meurtrière, the film version of the second movement of the trilogy.

MEURTRIÈRE by Philippe Grandrieux — Film version (2015, 59 minutes)

Tuesday 18th October 2016 at 6pm — Cinéma Diagonal, Montpellier (partnership)

Meurtrière: Meurtrière is the second movement of the trilogy.

“ The subject of Meurtrière is The Thing. The Thing is ridiculous, crazy, unbearable, hysterical, grotesque, phobic, brutal, devouring, wild, sexual, unpredictable, staggering, frenetic, foul, worrying, threatening, ecstatic, desirable, vulgar, wicked, embarrassing, shameless, nervous, filthy, sacred, sacrificed, furious and lethal. But above all, The Thing does not have a motive.”

— Philippe Grandrieux

Casting and mentions

With the dancers: Émilia Giudicelli, Vilma Pitrinaite, Hélène Rocheteau, Francesca Ziviani

A film producted by EPILEPTIC | With the help of: National Center for the Visual Arts (Image / movement) Ministry of Culture and Communication, of the Phare - CCN of Havre Haute-Normandie and the National Film Center

Meurtrière received the Priz FNC LAB in the FNC Montreal (in October, 2015) and the special distinction of the Prize of the Jury Camira during the edition of the International Festival of Cinema FILMADRID (in June, 2016)

Always within the framework of this residence, Philippe Grandrieux also presented for the first time the version performance of the third movement of his trilogy. It is about a working stage.

UNREST by Philippe Grandrieux with Nathalie Remadi - Version performance (creation 2016/2017, approximately 75 minutes)

After White Epilepsy and Meurtrière, Unrest is the third movement in this trilogy on anxiety, composed of performance, film and installations. 

“ We can only film the forces that act on the body and those which emanate from the body. Thus, each movement of the trilogy develops particular strength, shaping bodies and imposing a specific way of being: the strength of copulation for White Epilepsy, and the strength of impulse for Meurtrière.
The strength diffused in Unrest is the strength we have to call on to face the archaic, molecular body; I would call this the strength of annihilation, a strength we experience in the greatest moments of self-loss, just like that of pleasure, so well named the “little death”.” 
 Philippe Grandrieux

Casting and mentions

Texts: Philippe Grandrieux | Dance: Nathalie Remadi 

Production: Annick Lemonnier / Epileptic | Co-production (pending): ICI – centre chorégraphique national Montpellier - Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée / Direction Christian Rizzo in the framework of the Life Long Burning project supported by la Commission européenne, la Région Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, the National Center for the Visual Arts (Image / movement)

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