Art & Dance education

for high school diploma in dance at Jean Monnet high school © Didier Lacour
for high school diploma in dance at Jean Monnet high school © Didier Lacour

Support for high school diploma in dance at Jean Monnet high school

Following ministerial guidelines for the development of dance and artistic education in high schools, the ICI—CCN supports the high school diploma in dance as a specialised or optional course at Montpellier’s Jean Monnet high school.

This course aims to help students obtain a general artistic culture in the field of dance. The training is aimed at “enlightened non-professionals” and is characterised by a critical approach to choreographic creation as well as personal practice. There are no technical pre-requisites for this course and it is not intended for professional purposes.

The teaching of dance is based on the same principles as art education in high school:

  • balance between artistic practice, cultural knowledge and technical and methodological input,
  • close links to traditional and contemporary works of choreographic art,
  • links to other art forms (visual arts, film, music, theatre, literature, etc.) as well as the spectrum of philosophy and social studies.

Teaching of dance offers students a three-range experience: the experience of spectator, dancer/performer and dancer/composer.

Training courses for teachers in high school Art-Dance programmes

The ICI—CCN works with the French National Education Board to train teachers running specialisation or optional art-dance high school courses. Two training courses for teachers are on offer, run by artists whose field of work covers the content of the BO programme.

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September 2018

  • 14 September to 12 December
    Exposition Jérôme Souillot, "Je reste là"

    La chambre d'écho, ICI—CCN [entrée libre]
    → mercredis et jeudis de 14h à 18h / vendredis de 14h à 17h

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  • 29
    "le syndrome ian" by Christian Rizzo

    ICI—CCN Montpellier Occitanie (France)

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  • 29
    Fêtons ensemble la nouvelle saison d'ICI—CCN !

    Musée Fabre et ICI—CCN, à partir de 12h30

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November 2018

  • 6 to 9
    "d'à côté" by Christian Rizzo

    Théâtre de Nîmes (France)

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  • 15 to 16
    "d'à côté" by Christian Rizzo

    Scène nationale de Brive/Tulle, Tulle (France)

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