Artistic and Cultural Education Resource Hub – Dance "Contemporary creation” (Pôle de Ressource pour l’Éducation Artistique et Culturelle – Danse "Création contemporaine - PRÉAC)

The PRÉAC is part of the “art and culture at school” programme, designed to promote artistic practice and a cultural approach to dance. Its role is to foster coherent action in three main areas; training, documentation and publishing. The training courses are available in the region and provide occupational training for artists and mediators on questions of artistic and cultural education.

Training intended for:

  • Artists, mediators or project coordinators from the world of artistic and cultural education
  • Trainer trainers and contributors from the French National Education Boar

The PRÉAC works on three-yearly themes. From 2016 to 2018, the focus is on “crossed writing”: What do we mean by choreographic writing? Can we define choreographic writing? When and where does it start? Can we seize, catch and understand it? During the coming three-year cycle, we will explore the notion of writing by focusing specifically on the assertion of dance, during times of crossover and artistic porosity. 

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PRÉAC 2017 — Mylène Benoit " Why do we dance, what do we dance for? "

March 13th, 14th and 15th, 2016 at ICI—CCN Montpellier

For this PRÉAC, choreographer and visual artist Mylène Benoit invites participants to share a choreographic approach, borrowing image, light, voice and other media to expand the field of dance. The workshop aims to make us see, think, see, make... to establish touch-sensitive connections between mind and body. We would like to consider this PRÉAC as a singular experience, composed of open knowledge, healthy curiosity, coloured images and moving bodies.
The workshop is an opportunity to experiment, share and question different practices that have fed into and invested the choreographic work of Mylène Benoit since the creation of the company Contour progressif in 2003. Work will focus on improvisation protocols - danced and sung – and the choreographic composition involved in her recent performances.
This EAC workshop will include choreographic practice, conferences and slots for exploration and reflection.

With: Choreographer and visual artist, Mylène Benoit, art researcher and PhD student from Paris 8 University, Mathieu Bouvier, performer, choral director, and practitioner in psycho-pedagogy of MDB perception (therapy), Patrick Germain-Thomas (sociologist, researcher and economist specialised in the dance world).

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Le PRÉAC — Pôle Ressource danse pour l'Éducation Artistique et Culturelle est un programme en partenariat avec :

Le Réseau Canopée et le rectorat de l'académie de Montpellier, l'ESPE Languedoc-Roussillon, la DRAC Occitanie et ICI—CCN Montpellier - Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée / Direction Christian Rizzo

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