Creation and transmission

"ad noctum" by Christian Rizzo © Marc Coudrais
"ad noctum" by Christian Rizzo © Marc Coudrais

Experience and undergo choreographic creation, understand the processes of art by living them, question the impact of artistic and cultural education over a period of time, analyse and understand the role of the arts for human development in today’s society: this is the motivation behind projects in the long process of creation and transmission of a dance repertory. The research approach is dual: to initiate artistic research and to question the role of art in modern society. 

ARTIST’S RESIDENCE IN HIGH SCHOOL: Bruno Freire at Font Romeu high school

— January 9th to 20th and February 13th to 24th, 2017

For the third consecutive year, Bruno Freire will be present at Font Romeu high school in a quest to discover “something amazing” with the students there. After a first year spent finding common ground, and a second year spent on understanding the work of the performer, Bruno Freire will involve students in the creation of an audio guide for “something amazing”, covering different performance contexts.

REASEARCH RESIDENCE at Claris de Florian kindergarten

Florian kindergarten partners the Choreographic Centre in experimenting education programmes for the arts and culture centred on contemporary art practice, especially contemporary dance. After three years, the programme has now become an artist’s residence within the school, thus allowing observation of the impact that this artistic presence has on children and the educational practice of teachers. This year, Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz will create a place of sharing, in order to invent a common way for all of being involved, children, artists, teachers and ATSEM (territorial agents specialised in kindergarten).

“DANCE AND FACIAL MOVEMENT PRACTICE”: PROJECT for Saint Martin de Vignogoul clinic

This project is part of the ICI—CCN mediation programme as well as part of a wider policy to provide access to culture for specific social groups, as promoted by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Ministry of Health within the health-culture protocol. It also follows the institutional therapy approach developed by Saint Martin de Vignogoul clinic. The discovery and practice of contemporary dance offers patients a work environment which is both open and structured and which generates questions related to their own situations, especially concerning their relationship to themselves and others.

As the artist discovers the clinic, a shift in artistic practice operates which further questions the creative process.  Artists share their current projects, using the time as a short residence. Three cycles of six weekly workshops will be held during January/February, May/June and September/October, 2017. Each cycle will be headed by a different artist in order to share the full spectrum of contemporary dance.

LE BÉNÉFICE DU DOUTE TRANSMISSION to a group of non-professionals, in collaboration with Le lieu, dance and creative arts centre.

As part of the CN D’s “amateur dance and repertory” programme, I-Fang Lin will work on le bénéfice du doute with a group of non-professionals from Le Lieu.


— 2017-2018 project (under construction)

The CROUS and Choreographic Centre will maintain their partnership for the organisation of workshops for students. Six weekends of transmission and a performance at the Choreographic Centre’s Bagouet studio will give students the opportunity to explore the creative process of the guest choreographer and to develop their own version.

highlighted dates: public open activities


July 2019

  • 31 July to 3 August
    "d'après une histoire vraie" by Christian Rizzo

    Lycée Decourt, Paris (France)
    — in the framework of the Festival Paris l'été

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September 2019

  • 21 to 22
    Visites d'ICI—CCN

    Journée du patrimoine.
    ICI—CCN → [entrée libre]

October 2019

  • 3 to 6
    "une maison" by Christian Rizzo

    Mercat de les Flors – Casa de la Dansa, Barcelone (Spain)

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  • 5
    Fêtons ensemble la nouvelle saison d'ICI—CCN !

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