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In 2011 the exerce program was turned into a Master and welcomed a new promotion of students every two years. From now on, a new group of students will enrol in the MA every year. The first and second year will then co-exist. A smaller number of students in each promotion will enhance individual research, facilitate exchanges, mobility and collaborations between the first and second year students. This dynamics of welcoming young artists each season will nourish and be nourished by the choreographic activities of research, creation and sharing that take place within ICI—CCN.

Entry requirements (2 stages)

  1. Written application
  2. Audition at Montpellier, on 18th, 19th and 20th January, 2018 

Student profile

This Master will be open to applicants above 22 years of age and already committed to a path as a choreographic artist or coming from other artistic fields (plastic arts, music, theatre, cinema and digital technology) and concerned with the body and movement. 

They must have higher art education (BA or equivalent) or equivalant work experience. 

Applicants must remain available during both years of the Master. 

Students must have a good command of French and English when they join the Master.

"L’ES(CRI)TURAS" d'Isabela Santana © Marc Coudrais
"L’ES(CRI)TURAS" d'Isabela Santana © Marc Coudrais

The goals of the master

MA exerce is intended for young artists willing to both develop and clarify the stakes around individual research in relation to contemporary choreographic creation as well as interacting with other fields of arts and thought. 

The purpose is to promote students’ capacity of self-reliance so that they can create their own working methods, find the theoretical resources required as part of their practice, define specific forms of collaboration, stage presence and skills relevant to their work. 

A vital part of the program is the sharing of their own personal research with other participants in the program. Students are asked to take part in joint projects, to provide advice, and support to other students’ work and to reflect on individual and collective forms of work in use in contemporary creation.

This program of study values understanding of aesthetic, social, economic and political issues of the various contexts from which art and art practices emerge from.

Various aspects of the 2018-2020 session:     

— lab sessions combining theory and practice, run by artists, researchers and thinkers invited to share their questions and processes and to give feedback on the work of students;     

— a regular practice to nourish and support physical availability, potential and imagination as resources to be activated in projects as a dance performer, author or researcher;     

— time dedicated to individual research, with various coaching options (presence of a coach for long-term supervision, feedback systems generated by Exerce group, etc.);     

— mobility outside of Montpellier for students access resources required as part of their research; gain a greater understanding of the contemporary art field and begin to situate their own work in relation to it.

Since 2015, have been invited:

Artists: Thierry Baë, Marcus Bergner, Wally Cardona, Brigitte Chataignier, Volmir Cordeiro, Jocelyn Cottencin, Marceline Delbecq, DD Dorvillier, Vincent Dupont, Miguel Gutierrez, Jurij Konjar, Jennifer Lacey, Nadia Lauro, I-Fang Lin, Emmanuelle Lyon, Caty Olive, Paula Pi, Laurent Pichaud, Christine Quoiraud, Lia Rodrigues, Carme Torrent, Myriam Van Imschoot.  

Researchers and other professional: Mathieu Argaud, Clarisse Bardiot, Anne Bautz, Bojana Bauer, Frédéric Delord, Anne Fontanesi, Isabelle Ginot, Marie Glon, Myrto Katsiki, Anne Kerzerho, Alix De Morant, Mahalia Lassibille, Isabelle Launay, Catherine Lenoble, Didier Plassard, Julie Perrin, Marie Preston, Clara Rousseau (La Belle Ouvrage), Petra Sabisch, Geneviève Vincent, Gwénola Wagon 

exerce partners since 2015:

L’Atelline - Montpellier, ZAT - Montpellier, festival Tropisme - Montpellier, Festival Montpellier Danse, Association Sentiers - Lamelouze, Festival Uzès Danse, Musée Fabre - Montpellier, La Villa Arson - Nice, La Panacée - Montpellier, CN D – Pantin, Honolulu- Nantes, Palais de Tokyo - Paris, Maus Habitos – Porto,  réseau européen Life Long Burning, TJP Strasbourg – Rencontres internationales, Nouveau Musée de Monaco, Festival Parallèle – Marseille, Honolulu – Nantes, Carré d’art de Nîmes, Festival A domicile – Guissény, Au bout du plongeoir – Rennes, ESBAMA – Montpellier Agglomération, Ecole d’architecture de Montpellier, Pavillon Bosio – Ecole d’art de Monaco, École nationale supérieure d’art de Paris Cergy,  HZT - Berlin, Master DOCH - Stockholm

MA exerce former students:

Mithkal Alzghair, Adaline Anobile, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Aria Boumpaki, Pauline Brun, Sorour Darabi, Mor Demer, Hamdi Dridi, Joao Dos Santos Martins, Arthur Eskenazi, Kaisha Essiane, Jule Flierl, Bruno Freire, Estelle Gautier, François Geslin, Noga Golan, Julie Gouju, Patrick Haradjabu, Seyoung Jeong, Anya Kravchenko, Ana Maria Krein, Min Kyoung Lee, Martin Lervik, Bastien Mignot, Paola Stella Minni, Olivier Muller, Pierre-Benjamin Nantel, Tidiani N’Diaye, Calixto Neto, Paula Pi, Renata Piotrowska, Pedro Prazeres, Lynda Rahal, Konstantinos Rizos, Viktor Ruban, Isabela Santana, Sacha Steurer, Kai Simon Stoeger, Samil Taskin, Davoud Zare.

Pedagogical team

MA exerce is under the joint supervision of Christian Rizzo and Didier Plassard, professor at the Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier.   

For the  conception and development of the master, Christian Rizzo works with Anne Kerzerho, pedagogical director and DD Dorvillier, artist-researcher associated to exerce. Marion Pradier, in charge of all the administrative aspects of the master, completes the ICI—CCN team.   

Didier Plassard, Alix de Morant, associate professor at Paul-Valery University and Myrto Katsiki, PHD student at the danse departement of Paris 8 give  theoretical and methodological support to the students for their written research during the two year program.

Presentation MA exerce: HERE

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