Partnerships and mobility

Collective mobility, individual mobility, projects conducted in collaboration with other institutions are an important part of the courses' schedule.

Collaborations in 2018-2019

Ecole nationale supérieure d’Architecture de Montpellier, CDCN Uzès Danse, Le Periscope Théâtre de Nîmes, CDCN Toulouse, TJP Strasbourg – les Rencontres Corps / objet / image, Camping – CN D, University of Arts of Philadelphy, Kelim choreography center.

Ville Village

How to unfold the potential of a choreographic research by projecting it in a new field?

This question has been explored these last three years in various contexts : landscape context, museum context. In 2018-2019, the MA program will propose to draw a line between two different environments.

The first one will be initiated by a collaboration with the Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Montpellier : a 2 days colloquium in October (Architecture Danse Design) and walk practices in the margins of the city of Montpellier led by Francesco Careri, architect and co-founder of the Stalker.

The second one will concern the M1 students for a collective mobility in a village in Burgandy. The notions of landscape, archeology, « enquête de terrain », will become imaginary starting points of this workshop.

exerce in the region

ICI — CCN and Occitanie en scène join forces in order to propose and support, in conjunction with regional partners, new encounter forms between a student/research based artist-choreographer, a territory and its inhabitants.

In 2018-2019 and in the frame of this partnership, two collaborations will be initiated : the first one with l’Atelline – lieu d’art en espace public and the other one with CDCN Uzès Danse and Le Périscope, Théâtre de Nîmes.

"De la peau jusqu'à l'os" by Pierre-Benjamin Nantel © Louis Quignon
"De la peau jusqu'à l'os" by Pierre-Benjamin Nantel © Louis Quignon

highlighted dates: public open activities


June 2019

  • 5 June to 5 July
    Exposition "Échauffement général" de Jocelyn Cottencin

    La chambre d'écho, ICI—CCN [entrée libre]
    → mercredis et jeudis de 14h à 18h / vendredis de 14h à 17h

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  • 5 June to 6 July
    Activations menées dans le cadre de l'exposition de Jocelyn Cottencin

    → 5 juin à 18h30 | 19 juin à 18h30 | 25 juin à 17h | 26 juin à 18h15 . La chambre d'écho, ICI—CCN
    → du 11 au 14 juin à 7h30 . Promenade du Peyrou, Montpellier

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  • 8 June to 28 July
    Participation des étudiants à l'événement "100 artistes dans la ville - ZAT 2019"

    Organisé par le MOCO - Montpellier Contemporain

  • 11 to 12
    Publications M1 — Master exerce
  • 14 to 15
    "d'après une histoire vraie" by Christian Rizzo
  • 22 to 23
    "une maison" by Christian Rizzo
  • 22
    Performances menées par les étudiants dans le cadre de l'événement "CAMPING"

July 2019

  • 31 July to 3 August
    "d'après une histoire vraie" by Christian Rizzo

    Lycée Decourt, Paris (France)
    — in the framework of the Festival Paris l'été

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September 2019

  • 21 to 22
    Visites d'ICI—CCN

    Journée du patrimoine.
    ICI—CCN → [entrée libre]