Initiated in 2011 in collaboration with Paul-Valéry University in Montpellier, the MA exerce is, since 2013, a unique academic program in France which supports artists, authors of their own project and research in dance. Its aim is to accompany the students-artists-researchers through choreographic exploration within the scope of its conception, making, touring and public sharing.

Exerce master degree 2017/2018

Beginning of the 5th student-artist-researcher group

In 2016, an important restructuring of the MA was initiated. As of now, two groups of student-artist-researchers, a first-year group and a second-year are simultaneously working in the ICI—CCN. Starting October 2017, a new group of 7 students joined the group of five second-years welcomed last fall. Six years after the implementation of this master, two working lines assert and distinguish the MA.

— A MA program "situated" in the heart of ICI—CCN project and in permanent contact with a plurality of contexts

This program’s particularity is to be part of the project designed by Christian Rizzo within the ICI—centre chorégraphique national in Montpellier. This daily presence within the ICI—CCN spaces, linked to the activity of this place, provides a privileged relation between students and the current events of the choreographic creation in all its forms, addresses and questioning.

Beyond this context, multiple partnerships, projects within the regional territory but also at national and European level, allow every student-artist-researcher to experiment his project by meeting a great variety of fields (in 2016/2017, twelve partnerships were engaged leading to ten public presentations outside the CCN venue. Finally, this « situated research » is drawn by the collaboration with other fields of contemporary thinking.

— Un program accompanying and stimulating a state of research

This state of research translates into a state of readiness. It is nurtured by suggested experimentations within the educational program and by exerce group's shared issues and experiences. This exerce group, regarded as a resource, is comprised of students-artists-researchers, the teaching, artistic and academic team, as well as the guest artists and guest researchers. Each one of them contributes and welcomes inputs from all other members, thus favoring a free-flowing and reciprocity principle.

This state of research unfolds by means of experimentation. Because its intention is to explore ways a choreographer nowadays works and researches, it aims at investigating everyone's artistic,  educational representations and expectations. It continuously brings back into play and widens methodological tools that enrich personal explorations.

This state of research reaches out. Dance pieces, performances, dissertation, writings, conference, knowledge sharing... are as many media or formats with which this state of research presents and displays itself to the public. It reflects on ways each student-artist-researcher chooses to convey and unfolds his/her two years' research's specificity.

This state of research has a place. It spreads out in close connection to Christian Rizzo's global project at the ICI—centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier. With its porous nature it experiments with other fields of contemporary thoughts. In that sense this state of research has a place thanks to which the student-artist-researcher fits into the exerce group and beyond, on an artistic and social level.

DD Dorvillier
DD Dorvillier

DD Dorvillier’s arrival as an associated artist-researcher to the MA exerce

Associated to the implementation of the MA exerce since 2009, Laurent Pichaud has greatly participated to the definition of the issues and the exerce pedagogical program, patiently established and nourished by the representation of the artist-researcher. We wish him all the best in his artist’ work and the practical thesis he engaged in and we are truly happy to welcome DD Dorvillier, American choreographer settled in France since 2011. Remarked for the compositional quality of her works, their sound and plastic spaces, DD Dorvillier considers the pedagogical experiment as a full-blown space of her artistic project

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September 2018

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    "le syndrome ian" by Christian Rizzo

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