Associate artist

Vincent Dupont is an ICI—CCN associate artist.

Associate artist residency allows a dance company to receive support for the whole of their production process over a period of three seasons. This is possible thanks to specific measures taken by the French Ministry of Culture.

ICI—CCN is delighted to share this adventure with Vincent Dupont / “J'y pense souvent” (...) through the 2017-2018 season.

The association includes (amongst other aspects):

— production support for the creation of Mettre en pièce(s), including funding and full use of the ICI site

— the Par/ICI: programme

— programming performance of the repertoire

— PREAC Dance

— education and tutoring for the exerce Master degree

highlighted dates: public open activities


July 2019

  • 31 July to 3 August
    "d'après une histoire vraie" by Christian Rizzo

    Lycée Decourt, Paris (France)
    — in the framework of the Festival Paris l'été

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September 2019

  • 21 to 22
    Visites d'ICI—CCN

    Journée du patrimoine.
    ICI—CCN → [entrée libre]

October 2019

  • 3 to 6
    "une maison" by Christian Rizzo

    Mercat de les Flors – Casa de la Dansa, Barcelone (Spain)

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  • 5
    Fêtons ensemble la nouvelle saison d'ICI—CCN !

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