ICI—CCN is a multidisciplinary hub for production and creation. As a responsible partner for choreographic projects, the ICI-CCN approach centres on the presence of the artist.

Sensitive to the realities and needs of today’s artistic projects, ICI’s support for creation is based on four main pillars which each offer an enriched typology of residences.

Residences are funded via a network of resources from the “host-studio” and associated artist programmes (initiated in 1998 by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication), along with ICI—CCN’s own resources and funding from the European programme Life Long Burning.

Associated artist residence

The associated artist residence provides support to a company for three seasons, through an entire production process. ICI—CCN is currently delighted to share this adventure with Vincent Dupont / J’y pense souvent (...) until the 2017-2018 season.

For futher informations, please contact: Rostan Chentouf |

Website of Vincent Dupont's company:

Par/ICI: Residence

Combining programming of work repertory with creation during the residence of an ad hoc work, inspired by the time spent in Montpellier. Guest artists —either new or well-known, alone or in groups — develop shows, meetings, films, creative workshops, installations, etc., over a short space of time.
Through hybrid writing and choreographic performance, the Par/ICI: residence offers a diversified vision of their universes.

For futher informations, please contact: Anne Fontanesi |

Research and creation residence

This programme contributes to support creative projects by providing them with essential tools for production: financial support, access to research, accommodation and occasional technical support.

For futher informations, please contact: Rostan Chentouf |

Crossed residence

Organised in partnership with regional stakeholders. This programme provides financial support for teams of artists in residence outside of the ICI—CCN, thus generating partnership opportunities and territorial mobility.

For futher informations, please contact: Rostan Chentouf |

highlighted dates: public open activities


June 2019

  • 5 June to 5 July
    Exposition "Échauffement général" de Jocelyn Cottencin

    La chambre d'écho, ICI—CCN [entrée libre]
    → mercredis et jeudis de 14h à 18h / vendredis de 14h à 17h

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  • 5 June to 6 July
    Activations menées dans le cadre de l'exposition de Jocelyn Cottencin

    → 5 juin à 18h30 | 19 juin à 18h30 | 25 juin à 17h | 26 juin à 18h15 . La chambre d'écho, ICI—CCN
    → du 11 au 14 juin à 7h30 . Promenade du Peyrou, Montpellier

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  • 8 June to 28 July
    Participation des étudiants à l'événement "100 artistes dans la ville - ZAT 2019"

    Organisé par le MOCO - Montpellier Contemporain

  • 11 to 12
    Publications M1 — Master exerce
  • 14 to 15
    "d'après une histoire vraie" by Christian Rizzo
  • 22 to 23
    "une maison" by Christian Rizzo
  • 22
    Performances menées par les étudiants dans le cadre de l'événement "CAMPING"

July 2019

  • 31 July to 3 August
    "d'après une histoire vraie" by Christian Rizzo

    Lycée Decourt, Paris (France)
    — in the framework of the Festival Paris l'été

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September 2019

  • 21 to 22
    Visites d'ICI—CCN

    Journée du patrimoine.
    ICI—CCN → [entrée libre]