Brigitte Chataignier trained in classical and contemporary dance, mime and yoga. In 1986, she discovered a passion for Mohini Attam and studied in India for seven years with several Masters, with whom she still remains very close. At the same time, she studied Carnatic singing, the female roles of the Kathakali, and the fundamentals of the Kalarippayat. In France, with Michel Lestréhan, she founded the Prana Company in 1995 in Rennes. Since then, her time has been divided between India and France. Dancing Mohini Attam is central to her artistic activity. She is regularly invited to perform in France (Théâtre de la Ville, La Villette, Guimet Museum, etc.), but also in Kerala, in temples and at prestigious Indian festivals. In addition, she has produced valuable audiovisual recordings in India and produced, with Adoor Gopalakrishnan, the film La Danse de l'Enchanteresse. She is artistic director of the CD Le Chant du Mohini Attam by Inédit. Her research work also covers contemporary creation. She choreographed respectively in 1995, 1997, 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2011 LES VÊPRES DES GRENOUILLES, AMBA, LA CHAMBRE DES VERTIGES, ELEMENTAIRE, GOPIKA and GANGA. In 2004, she worked on a project with the Opéra de Rennes, LAKMÉ by Léo Delibes. Her project Gangâ, where the theme of water meets that of femininity, was adapted for India in 2013, and toured with the festival Bonjour India. Her latest creation BHOPAL BLUE, inspired by the industrial catastrophe which struck India in 1984, was performed for three weeks in autumn 2016, at the Théâtre du Soleil, Cartoucherie de Vincennes.

She occasionally teaches at the TNB, the CCNRB Dance Museum, and at the ARTA, ESDC, Rennes 2, CFMI, Folie Musique and the Tapovan Center. She has received various scholarships from the ICCR and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in 2001 she was winner of the AFAA Sanskriti Programme. In 2012, she received a CN D Dance Heritage Research grant and was recognized by the ICCR as a "panel artist for Mohiniyattam".

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March 2023

April 2023

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    Exposition “Qui va là ? N°2”

    La chambre d'écho
    [entrée libre]
    → En partenariat avec le FRAC Occitanie Montpellier

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    100% polyester, objet dansant n°48

    100% polyester, objet dansant n°48
    . 4 au 8 avril 2023 — dans le cadre de FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts (Italie)

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    Atelier EN COMMUN Christine Jouve et invité·e

    ICI—CCN → 18h30 à 20h30
    [tous publics]

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    "en son lieu" by Christian Rizzo

    en son lieu (creation 2020)
    L’Archipel, Scène nationale – Perpignan

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  • 11 to 14
    Pratiques du matin / exerce Ghyslaine Gau

    ICI—CCN → 10h à 12h [danseurs professionnels et avancés]

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    Le club de danse Philipp Enders

    ICI—CCN → 19h à 21h [tous publics]

  • 14
    exerce classe ouverte Isabelle Ginot ​​​

    ICI—CCN → 14h à 17h [tous publics]

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  • 18
    Atelier EN COMMUN Christine Jouve et invité·e

    ICI—CCN → 18h30 à 20h30 [tous publics]

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  • 20
    Fenêtre sur résidence Philipp Enders

    Dans nous la montagne (création 2023)
    Rencontre avec Philipp Enders et son équipe autour du processus de création
    à 19h, Studio Bagouet, ICI—CCN

    Entrée libre sur réservation

    Réservation / Billetterie : 04 67 60 06 70
    Billetterie en ligne :

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May 2023

June 2023