After many solo and collective performances, Mark went on to found the company I.D.A. in 1983.

With time, his unique style of creating non-identified performing objects became his signature. Solos and group work, concerts and performances mixing dance, music, song, text and video stud the way in an artistic process which began in the seventies. Since 1988, he has worked with stage designer, Jean-Louis Badet and his love of real-time composition has led him to work with many dancers, musicians and lighting engineers.

In 2008, he received the SACD Choreography Prize for his lifetime achievement. 

His latest work shows a clear shift towards musical comedy: BLACK'N'BLUES (2010), OPENING NIGHT (2012), SHOWTIME (2013), VETER NOROSTI, Un Vent de Folie (2014), at the Théâtre Mladinsko at Ljubljana, Slovenia, LE PRINTEMPS (2015) at the International Choreography Festival of Seine-Saint-Denis and BAMBI un drame familial (2017) at the CCN of Tours.

He is the singer in Sarah Murcia’s Never Mind The Future project on the Sex Pistols and has worked with Portuguese choreographer Mariana Tenger Barros, on A POWER BALLAD (2013) and RESURRECTION (2017).

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March 2023

April 2023

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    Exposition “Qui va là ? N°2”

    La chambre d'écho
    [entrée libre]
    → En partenariat avec le FRAC Occitanie Montpellier

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    100% polyester, objet dansant n°48

    100% polyester, objet dansant n°48
    . 4 au 8 avril 2023 — dans le cadre de FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts (Italie)

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  • 4
    Atelier EN COMMUN Christine Jouve et invité·e

    ICI—CCN → 18h30 à 20h30
    [tous publics]

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    "en son lieu" by Christian Rizzo

    en son lieu (creation 2020)
    L’Archipel, Scène nationale – Perpignan

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  • 11 to 14
    Pratiques du matin / exerce Ghyslaine Gau

    ICI—CCN → 10h à 12h [danseurs professionnels et avancés]

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  • 12
    Le club de danse Philipp Enders

    ICI—CCN → 19h à 21h [tous publics]

  • 14
    exerce classe ouverte Isabelle Ginot ​​​

    ICI—CCN → 14h à 17h [tous publics]

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  • 18
    Atelier EN COMMUN Christine Jouve et invité·e

    ICI—CCN → 18h30 à 20h30 [tous publics]

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  • 20
    Fenêtre sur résidence Philipp Enders

    Dans nous la montagne (création 2023)
    Rencontre avec Philipp Enders et son équipe autour du processus de création
    à 19h, Studio Bagouet, ICI—CCN

    Entrée libre sur réservation

    Réservation / Billetterie : 04 67 60 06 70
    Billetterie en ligne :

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