Massimo Fusco trained in dance at the Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance where he studied contemporary dance, improvisation, composition, anatomy, music and dance history.

He worked with Jean-Claude Gallotta at the NCC of Grenoble, Annabelle Bonnery and Francois Deneulin, Hervé Robbe at the CCN of Le Havre, Sarah Crépin and Etienne Cuppens, Joanne Leighton at the CCN de Belfort, Clédat and Petitpierre.

Currently, he is involved in Alban Richard's “Pléiades” projects, d’aprés une histoire vraie by Christian Rizzo and “CARE” by Mélanie Perrier.

After graduating as a dance teacher, he refined his transmission technique via numerous educational workshops. Research and experimentation are of particular importance to him.

He is also interested in art performance and obtained a university degree in art, dance and performance from the University of Besançon.

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May 2022

June 2022