Closely associated with the Phare, Mylène Benoit founded the company Contour Progressif in 2004 after her artistic and university studies (Beaux Arts & Practice of the contemporary media) in London and Paris, in Fresnoy - National Studio of the contemporary arts and as part of the Transforme programme at the Abbey of Royaumont.

A visual artist and choreographer by ricochet, Mylène Benoit considers choreography as choral writing, not limited to dance. She considers the phenomenon of performance as a whole, without separating body, sound, luminous vibration, and optical or textual events. In her work, she develops dance wherever possible as a concept which resounds like something solid.

The company’s project is crisscrossed by artistic and political commitment, taking it beyond the expression of "performance". Mylène Benoit defends a collaborative and multifaceted project, which is reflected in her artistic productions as well as in the active presence of the team in different areas (meetings with audiences and practice sessions, conferences, creative projects with amateurs, monitoring in high schools, research work, technological monitoring and sharing of creative tools). She bases her approach on the conviction that art, visual and performance, provide elements for analysis and interpretation which allow us to better understand media systems and contemporary society. Her choreographic projects engage dance in an analysis of new definitions - or indefinitions - of the body, while paying particular attention to ways of perceiving movement (dramaturgy of light, relation between body and space and other representation techniques, etc.).

Mylène Benoit worked with the Vivat, a subsidised dance and drama centre at Armentières, from September 2011 to June 2014.

She also curated the Danses Augmentées at the Gaîté Lyrique theatre in Paris for the 2014-2015 season.

Since January 2016, she has been associate artist at the Phare, the National Choreography Centre in Havre Normandy.

She is winner of the Villa Kujoyama at Kyoto for 2017.

highlighted dates: public open activities


November 2023

  • 14 to 17
    Laboratoire avec Ely Daou
  • 15
    Club de danse avec Ola Maciejewska
  • 18
    "en son lieu" by Christian Rizzo
  • 20 to 24
    Pratiques du matin / exerce avec Laura Kirshenbaum
  • 20
    "Second Body" — Par/ICI: Ola Maciejewska
  • 21
    Soirée TOPO — Par/ICI: Ola Maciejewska
  • 22 to 23
    "sakınan göze çöp batar" by Christian Rizzo
  • 24
    Club de danse avec Kerem Gelebek
  • 25 to 26
    Workshop avec Kerem Gelebek

December 2023

January 2024

  • 8 to 12
    Pratiques du matin / exerce avec Luara Raio et Acauã Shereya

    10h à 12h, ICI—CCN

  • 8
    exerce classe ouverte Luara Raio et Acauã Shereya

    14h à 17h, ICI—CCN

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  • 10
    Club de danse avec Mariana Viana

    19h à 21h, ICI—CCN
    [tous publics]

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  • 11
    "Faux départ" — Par/ICI: Mariana Viana

    20h, ICI—CCN

  • 16
    Vernissage de l’exposition "Gestes" de Toma Dutter

    18h30, ICI—CCN [entrée libre]

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  • 17
    Fenêtre sur résidence — Vania Vaneau

    Ambre et pourpre, ICI—CCN
    ↳ 19h [entrée libre]

  • 17
    Club de danse avec Vania Vaneau

    19h-21h, ICI—CCN
    [tous publics]

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  • 18
    Soirée TOPO — Par/ICI: Mariana Viana

    Performance dînatoire

    19h, ICI—CCN

  • 19
    Soirée TOPO — Par/ICI: Mariana Viana

    Performance dînatoire
    19h, ICI—CCN

February 2024

  • 8
    Fenêtre sur résidence —Yaïr Barelli

    Unisson, ICI—CCN
    ↳ 19h [entrée libre]

  • 13
    Laboratoire chorégraphique avec Yaïr Barelli

    14h à 17h, ICI—CCN


  • 14 to 16
    Exercice commun

    14, 15 et 16 février à 19h
    Présentation publique des travaux des étudiant·e·s du master exerce
    ICI—CCN et lieux partenaires
    [entrée libre]

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  • 26 February to 1 March
    Pratiques du matin / exerce avec Nadia Beugré (artiste associée)

    10h à 12h, ICI—CCN

  • 27
    "Janet on the roof" — Par/ICI: Pierre Pontvianne

    20h, ICI—CCN

  • 28
    Club de danse avec Pierre Pontvianne

    19h à 21h, ICI—CCN [tous publics]