Born in 1982 in São Paulo, Brazil, she first studied dance in Brazil, then at P.A.R.T.S school in Brussels. She graduates with a Licence de Psychologie at the Université Paris 8 and follows a training course of Body Mind Centering. As a performer, she takes part in creations and revivals of Wim Vandekeybus, Maguy Marin, Yoann Bourgeois and Christian Rizzo.

Her choreographic research links a physical work to a plastic aspect through the production and handling of materials, costumes and scenographic objects, considered full-fledged actors on stage with the performers. Vania Vaneau is interested in the multiple physical and mental layers that compose the human body, in a relation of continuity with the natural and cultural environment in which it evolves and that surrounds it. Playing with intensities and contrasts, she explores the borders between the inside and outside of the body, the visible and unvisible materials, and creates sensory and visual performances.

Since 2016 and until 2020, she is Associated Artists with Jordi Galí to Le Pacifique CDCN of Grenoble, and then to ICI—CCN Montpellier, direction Christian Rizzo (2020-2022) in the framework of the program of Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

Three performances are on tour:

  • BLANC (2014), solo with guitarist Simon Dijoud, rewarded with the Beaumarchais-SACD Award (Festival Incandescences 2015)
  • ORNEMENT (2016), co-created with Anna Massoni
  • ORA (Orée), a trio with Marcos Simoes and Daphné Koutsafti

And a new creation in progress, NEBULA, a two-part solo for the stage and natural environment, will see the light of day in the spring of 2021.

She developed two projects with the public, Variation sur BLANC and CARNAVAL.

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À partir de la saison 2020–2021 et pour deux saisons, Vania Vaneau sera accompagnée dans le cadre du programme Creative Crossroad, Life Long Burning, financé par l’Union Européenne.

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May 2022

June 2022