Exerce master degree 2020/2021

Beginning of the 8th group of students-artists-researchers

This state of research translates into a state of readiness. It is nurtured by suggested experimentations within the educational program and by exerce group's shared issues and experiences. This exerce group, regarded as a resource, is comprised of students-artists-researchers, the teaching, artistic and academic team, as well as the guest artists and guest researchers. Each one of them contributes and welcomes inputs from all other members, thus favoring a free-flowing and reciprocity principle.

This state of research unfolds by means of experimentation. Because its intention is to explore ways a choreographer nowadays works and researches, it aims at investigating everyone's artistic, educational representations and expectations. It continuously brings back into play and widens methodological tools that enrich personal explorations.

This state of research reaches out. Dance pieces, performances, dissertation, writings, conference, knowledge sharing... are as many media or formats with which this state of research presents and displays itself to the public. It reflects on ways each student-artist-researcher chooses to convey and unfolds his/her two years' research's specificity.

This state of research has a place. It spreads out in close connection to Christian Rizzo's global project at the ICI — centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier-Languedoc-Roussillon. With its porous nature it experiments with other fields of contemporary thoughts. In that sense this state of research has a place thanks to which the student-artist-researcher fits into the exerce group and beyond, on an artistic and social level

Since October 2016, two distinct groups of students-artists-researchers, one starting its first year and the other one already in its second year are working at the Centre chorégraphique.

Seven years after the start of the Master program, the smaller annual student enrollment seeks to strengthen individual research, expand periods of mobility supporting research and professional opportunities, and develop pedagogical experimentations.

Each year revolves around a specific pedagogical program and periods of joined time between the M1 and M2 students.

The two groups' cohabitation allows for multiple collaborations among students, whether as part of the program or on a more spontaneous basis. It also provides opportunities for experimenting different forms of knowledge sharing, as well as internal tutoring practices between the two groups.

The Master exerce guides future research-based artists by exploring the choreographic field within its vast possibilities of conception, making, distribution and public showings. With its curriculum, its intention is to stimulate a state of research which can lead to the making and drafting of a singular choreographic project.

Équipe pédagogique et contacts

— Équipe pédagogique

Le master exerce est encadré par Christian Rizzo, directeur d’ICI—CCN et par Alix de Morant, Maîtresse de Conférences à l’Université Paul-Valéry – Montpellier, tous deux co-responsables du master.

Au sein d’ICI—CCN, le développement et la conception du master associent à Christian Rizzo, Anne Kerzerho, directrice pédagogique et Jennifer Lacey et Myrto Katsiki, artistes chercheuses associées au master exerce. Lisa Combettes, en charge de l’administration de la formation et Nolwen Berger-Amari, attachée à la logistique et aux partenariats du master, complètent l’équipe du master au sein d’ICI—CCN.

— Contacts

Anne Kerzerho — Directrice pédagogique 04 67 60 06 77 /

Lisa Combettes — Chargée de la coordination administrative du master exerce 04 67 60 06 76 /

Nolwen Berger-Amari — Attachée à la logistique et aux partenariats du master exerce 04 67 60 06 76 /


Christian Rizzo and Nina Berclaz were guests on Radio Campus Montpellier to present exerce and "exercice commun"

— listen to the interview here (in french)

highlighted dates: public open activities


May 2021

  • 3
    exerce classe ouverte — Jérémy Damian
  • 19 to 21
    Publications M2 — Master exerce

    Présentation publique des travaux des étudiants en 2de année

    ICI—CCN → 19h [entrée libre]

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  • 27
    Fenêtre sur résidence — Sorour Darabi

    à 19h [entrée libre] — Studio Bagouet, ICI—CCN

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June 2021

  • 4
    "le syndrome de ian" de Christian Rizzo

    Opéra de Rennes
    — in the framework of Festival Big Love

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  • 8 to 10
    Publications M1 — Master exerce

    Présentation publique des travaux des étudiants en 2re année

    ICI—CCN → 19h [entrée libre]

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  • 11 to 17
    Résidence — Volmir Cordeiro

    à ICI—CCN

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  • 15 to 17
    "b.c, janvier 1545, fontainebleau.​" de Christian Rizzo (report de nov. 2020)

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  • 28
    "b.c, janvier 1545, fontainebleau" de Christian Rizzo

    Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris

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July 2021