Teaching program M2

Publications Septembre 2020 Trame Marc Coudrais
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For the second year the emphasis is put on individual research; It has a broad definition and can unfold through many different kinds of formats : performances, writings, conference, pedagogy are not are not considered in isolation, but as part of the greater process of formulating a research and its address.

With this perspective, the 2nd year program brings the connection between artistic methodologies and academic methodologies specifically into focus.

This connection will be explored through three main questions:

  • A moving research - how a research is grounded through a constant flow between different practices, forms and knowledges?
  • Performing a research - what the stage does to the page / what the writing does to the gesture?
  • Addressing a research - How to invent a research through its address?

Study booklet

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highlighted dates: public open activities


May 2021

  • 3
    exerce classe ouverte — Jérémy Damian
  • 19 to 21
    Publications M2 — Master exerce

    Présentation publique des travaux des étudiants en 2de année

    ICI—CCN → 19h [entrée libre]

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  • 27
    Fenêtre sur résidence — Sorour Darabi

    à 19h [entrée libre] — Studio Bagouet, ICI—CCN

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June 2021

  • 4
    "le syndrome de ian" de Christian Rizzo

    Opéra de Rennes
    — in the framework of Festival Big Love

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  • 8 to 10
    Publications M1 — Master exerce

    Présentation publique des travaux des étudiants en 2re année

    ICI—CCN → 19h [entrée libre]

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  • 11 to 17
    Résidence — Volmir Cordeiro

    à ICI—CCN

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  • 15 to 17
    "b.c, janvier 1545, fontainebleau.​" de Christian Rizzo (report de nov. 2020)

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  • 28
    "b.c, janvier 1545, fontainebleau" de Christian Rizzo

    Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris

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July 2021