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University of the Arts Philadelphia at ICI—CCN (Montpellier, France)

In partnership with UArts Philadelphia (USA)

For the fifth time since 2018, ICI—CCN is hosting the Summer School of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia (UArts - MFA in Dance) in cooperation with the master's exerce programme. This program will bring together a community of 50 student-artists and teachers from 19 June to 31 July 2023.
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6th study cycle

A symposium open to the public - entitled Critical Bodies: borders|ACCESS|care - is also being organised at ICI—CCN from 10 to 13 July 2023. This symposium, programmed by Thomas F. Defrantz and Isabelle Ginot, will bring together prestigious artists and researchers for lectures, discussions and workshops.

Critical Bodies: borders|ACCESS|care

A shift in paradigm is currently in process, according to Paul B. Preciado, towards a non-binary epistemology. An epistemology where oppositions that structure hierarchies of values in post-industrial societies – body vs. mind, masculine vs feminine, productive vs unproductive, abled vs disabled - are challenged by global movements of resistance. Trans-bodies, subaltern bodies, migrant bodies …

What are body experiences of being in transition? Re-alignments in age, gender, expressions of sexuality? What are practices of training and un-training?

Geopolitical borders are crucial in our world, and stand as strict material and political limits that many bodies transgress for survival. Other borders, although less material, shape our lives and actions. Aesthetic borders and formations of art. Social differences. City neighborhoods. Academic disciplines. Conceptual categories. A nagging sense of belonging or not being part of... Feeling conformity or feeling strange. Our moves continuously shape and extend the limits of borders, shaping and un-shaping them, twisting their lines, blurring form.

Access, Care; Learning, Study. What do we need to access shared spaces of learning and un-knowing? Crafting common spaces through discourse and listening, moving and un-moving. Orienting towards difference; a discourse of criticality and care. Political renderings of need and desire made manifest through interaction and change. How do we constitute a commons that cares towards our variety?

During this symposium, we will explore what practices of dance and art, activist actions or researches are supporting, embodying, or resisting aspects of this paradigm.

Thomas F. DeFrantz & Isabel Ginot

Symposium 2023 programme:

Monday July 10

.12:30-2pm: [Introductions and Grounding Gestures]: Isabelle GINOT and Thomas F. DEFRANTZ
Performance Intervention: Yve Laris Cohen

.2pm-4pm: [Establishing Conditions for Study]: Anne Kezerho, Donna Faye Burchfield, Isabelle Launay, Thomas F. DeFrantz and Isabelle Ginot

Tuesday July 11

.10-12pm: Arkadi Zaides and Isabelle Launay
. 2-4pm: Discussion with Thomas F. Defrantz, Isabelle Ginot, Isabelle Launay and Arkadi Zaides

Wednesday July 12

.10-12pm: Nicolas Bourriaud and Barak Adé Soleil
.2-4pm: Discussion with Thomas F. Defrantz, Barak Adé Soleil, Nicolas Bourriaud and Isabelle Ginot

Thursday July 13

. 10-12pm: Myriam Suchet and Josep Rafanell
. 2-4 pm: Discussion with Isabelle Ginot, Myriam Suchet, Josep Rafanell and Thomas F. Defrantz

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NB: Please book by session (morning and/or afternoon)
There will be simultaneous translation of each conference session.

Live streaming

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highlighted dates: public open activities


November 2023

  • 9 to 10
    "Faire fleurir" de Nicolas Fayol
  • 14 to 17
    Laboratoire avec Ely Daou
  • 15
    Club de danse avec Ola Maciejewska
  • 18
    "en son lieu" by Christian Rizzo
  • 20 to 24
    Pratiques du matin / exerce avec Laura Kirshenbaum

    10h à 12h, ICI—CCN

  • 20
    "Second Body" — Par/ICI: Ola Maciejewska
  • 21
    Soirée TOPO — Par/ICI: Ola Maciejewska
  • 22 to 23
    "sakınan göze çöp batar" by Christian Rizzo
  • 24
    Club de danse avec Kerem Gelebek

    19h à 21h, ICI—CCN [tous publics]

    En savoir plus

  • 25 to 26
    Workshop avec Kerem Gelebek

    10h à 16h, ICI—CCN

December 2023

January 2024

  • 8
    exerce classe ouverte Luara Raio et Acauã Shereya

    14h à 17h, ICI—CCN

    En savoir plus

  • 8 to 12
    Pratiques du matin / exerce avec Luara Raio et Acauã Shereya

    10h à 12h, ICI—CCN

  • 10
    Club de danse avec Mariana Viana

    19h à 21h, ICI—CCN
    [tous publics]

    En savoir plus

  • 11
    "Faux départ" — Par/ICI: Mariana Viana

    20h, ICI—CCN

  • 16
    Vernissage de l’exposition "Gestes" de Toma Dutter

    18h30, ICI—CCN [entrée libre]

    En savoir plus

  • 17
    Fenêtre sur résidence — Vania Vaneau

    Ambre et pourpre, ICI—CCN
    ↳ 19h [entrée libre]

  • 17
    Club de danse avec Vania Vaneau

    19h-21h, ICI—CCN
    [tous publics]

    En savoir plus

  • 18
    Soirée TOPO — Par/ICI: Mariana Viana

    Performance dînatoire

    19h, ICI—CCN

  • 19
    Soirée TOPO — Par/ICI: Mariana Viana

    Performance dînatoire
    19h, ICI—CCN

February 2024

  • 8
    Fenêtre sur résidence —Yaïr Barelli

    Unisson, ICI—CCN
    ↳ 19h [entrée libre]

  • 13
    Laboratoire chorégraphique avec Yaïr Barelli

    14h à 17h, ICI—CCN


  • 14 to 16
    Exercice commun

    14, 15 et 16 février à 19h
    Présentation publique des travaux des étudiant·e·s du master exerce
    ICI—CCN et lieux partenaires
    [entrée libre]

    En savoir plus