Performance — Vania Vaneau

Vania Vaneau (Brazil / France)

Since Blanc, her first creation in 2014, Vania Vaneau has worked to promote bodily hospitality and breaking down barriers in choreographic space. In the wake of her activity as artist for Maguy Marin and Christian Rizzo, Vania’s work welcomes visual art, as well as diverse physical and psychic layers which sediment the environment.

Trained at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, and after a first experiment with dance in Brazil, she is now an associate artist at ICI — CCN and co-director, with Jordi Galí, of the company Arrangement Provisoire.

— Since the 2020-2021 season, and for two seasons, Vania Vaneau has received ICI — CCN support as part of the Creative Crossroads, Life Long Burning programme, funded by the European Union

Nebula Minia
Nebula Vania Vaneau @ Celia Gondol 2
1 / 5 — @ Celia Gondol 2
Nebula Vania Vaneau @ Vincent Laisney2
2 / 5 — @ Vincent Laisney
Nebula Vania Vaneau @ Celia Gondol 153
3 / 5 — @ Celia Gondol
Nebula Vania Vaneau @ Celia Gondol 115
4 / 5 — @ Celia Gondol
Nebula Vania Vaneau @ Celia Gondol 30
5 / 5 — @ Celia Gondol

Nebula — Creation 2021

Leaving chaos, gathering the constellation where shapes and lives are still bathed in blurred boundaries. Set at the beginning, or perhaps, at the end of the world, Nebula presents an introductory scene, as if set immediately after disaster has struck. From scorched earth spring new beings, united by the intertwining of matter, partners in a force field. Alongside scenographer Célia Gondol, Vania Vaneau unveils the potentialities rumbling under the apparent order of the cosmos. Restored to the elementary gestures of processing, body becomes stone, tree, tiger or star. Interbreeding, opening onto a community of experience between Man and nature. Or, rebirth, doing away with commencement.

▪ Tuesday, February 15th and Wednesday, Februrary 16th 2021, at 8pm
in Studio Bagouet, at ICI—CCN

13€ / 9€ / 5€
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→ Mardi 15 février : Un moment d'échange libre autour du spectacle animé par Christian Rizzo en présence de Vania Vaneau et de l'équipe artistique à l'issue de la représentation.

Choreography and performance: Vania Vaneau | Scenography: Célia Gondol | Music creation: Nico Devos and Pénélope Michel (Puce Moment / Cercueil) | Lighting creation: Abigail Fowler | Lighting and sound management: Gilbert Guillaumond | Acknowledgments: Kotomi Nishiwaki, Melina Faka, Julien Quartier - Atelier De facto | Film: Nebula, processus de création, by Vincent Laisney (watch on Viméo)

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