The project

Following the steps of Dominique Bagouet (1984 to 1992) and Mathilde Monnier (1994 to 2013), it is now Christian Rizzo's turn (since 2015) to write a new page in the book of the National Choreographic Centre of Montpellier (CCN, Centre Chorégraphique National).

Now named ICI, for Institut Chorégraphique International (International Choreographic Institute), the CCN develops a transversal vision of creation, training, artistic education and audience outreach. With its foundations firmly set in practices and territories, the new project is above all a zone of prospection which integrates artists, writes the score for choreographic act and explores the expression of shared experience.

In the face of the transformation that dance is undergoing today, it is necessary to pursue and reactivate the momentum of this tool for choreographic creation, production and training.

In this way, the ICI—CCN project explores ground common to all it does, in order to weave connections based on curiosity and ambition between artists, audiences, students, non-professionals and researchers.

 A mix between experimental academy and caravanserai.

ICI—CCN is designed like a home for artists. It is an open laboratory, respectful of the past and looking towards the future, a cross between an experimental academy and a caravanserai:

  • an experimental academy: like a particle accelerator focusing and driving creation, research, training and production of original knowledge.
  • a caravanserai: the ultimate place for dialogue, boosting diffusion, transmission and outreach to the general public and to new horizons.

Intertwined and mutually dependent, the two concepts come together in this hotbed of creation, fed by the challenges of dance and all that comes with it. The doors of the house are wide open to all those wishing to join the adventure, and come on board for this singular journey to discover choreographic multiplicity and the abundance of creative diversity.