Points of view

Ysé Sorel (magazine TRANSFUGE - February 2020)

Interview with Smaranda Olcèse-Trifan / Christian Rizzo (May/June 2019)
Interview for ICI—CCN's season 2019/2020 brochure

Stéphanie Pichon (November 15th 2017)
Interview conducted by Stéphanie Pichon as part of a commission by La Manufacture CDCN Bordeaux Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Géraldine Pigault (June 2017)
ICI's project transforms the choreographic landscape

Interview Smaranda Olcèse-Trifan / Christian Rizzo (February 2016)
Around the creative process
Download the PDF of the interview : HERE

Stéphane Malfettes (December 2011)
Christian Rizzo reviews the foundations of his choreographic practice

Irène Filiberti (2008)
One artist, one project