Résonances (ARF)

ICI—CCN is part of the EAC programmes run by the French Ministries of Culture and Education, such as the PRÉAC and its regional offshoots: Actions régionales de Formation (ARF).

Regional versions of the PRÉAC, les résonances are open to all school and extracurricular professionals, to artists working in the classroom or extracurricular setting, to conservatory teachers, and so on. 

If you are a resource person from the French Ministry of Education (educational advisor, teacher trainer, educational inspector, teacher specialising in Art and Dance, etc.), an artist leading Artistic and Cultural Education projects or a person in charge of mediation, and you would like to take part in PRÉAC and/or Résonances, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information:

- for the artistic and cultural, socio-cultural and medico-social fields: 
Alice Neussaint: a.neussaint@ici-ccn.com
Lisa Combettes: l.combettes@ici-ccn.com

- for the National Education sector:
Aurélie Bouin: aurelie-ophelie.bouin@ac-montpellier.fr