FSR — Anat Bosak et Nina Traub

Anat Bosak et Nina Traub (Montpellier / Tel-Aviv)

Construct, deconstruct, telling a tale from materials: Anat Bosak’s “choreography of the builder” aims to extract the essence of a sensation or a metaphysical idea. Trained at the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem, then at ICI—CCN master exerce, she designs lights, costumes and sets for many artists, while creating her own performances on areas of emotional and/or political "tension". Trained at the same school, Nina Traub’s choreographic creation centres on atmospheres, music, landscapes, and above all, colour, which she erects as a stage set in its own right. Choreographer, dancer and multidisciplinary artist, the visual dimension is central to Nina’s creative process.

In residency at ICI—CCN from April the 29th to May the 17th as part of the Life Long Burning project, funded by the European Union. 

"Matter" — creation 2024

Monday 6 May 2024 - 19:00 > 20:00

Studio Yano, ICI—CCN

— Talk with Anat Bosak, Nina Traub and team on the creative process 

Incandescence, freezing, fixation, separation, digestion, distillation, purification, decomposition, combustion, fermentation, dissolution and multiplication: the twelve alchemical processes for converting sulphur into gold, or transformation stages of the human soul. With the aid of these material operations, within and through movement, Anat Bosak and Nina Traub set out to decipher the Kabbalah Tree of Life. And, in so doing, the world of images in which we live.

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Club de danse with Anat Bosak

Thursday 2 May 2024 - 19:00 > 21:00


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