Vigipirate Plan

In accordance with national directives relating to the Vigipirate emergency attack posture, ICI-CCN is stepping up access control to its studios.

These tighter controls may slow down the flow of spectators. In order to reduce waiting times as much as possible, we invite you to consult the list of prohibited items below.

Prohibited items :

- large bags, 
- travel rucksacks, suitcases, 
- firearms, bladed weapons (even imitations), 
- any sharp objects: knives, scissors, etc, 
- any glass, metal or plastic bottle, any liquid container: thermos flasks, cans, water bottles, etc. 
- aerosols and pressurised bottles, 
- toxic or chemical products 
- flammable liquids, 
- fireworks and related items (firecrackers, Bengal lights, distress rockets, etc.).

Items that cannot be visually inspected (e.g. a sealed parcel) will not be accepted.

Thank you for your understanding and for your contribution to collective safety.  

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