Post exerce

The post-exerce residencies are designed as a step to build on the Master degree, creating a transition between the course context and the professional environment.

This system establishes a porous zone in the year after the end of the course. This is in line with the numerous exchanges already organised in the 2nd year between the training context and professional experience.


The scheme is based on three principles:

— Fairness in the follow-up of students after they leave the Master programme 

All the students in a graduating class, i.e. 7 students, benefit from this post-exerce residence scheme, with the same budget.

— Cooperation with host venues, allies and partners 

These are places that show an interest in developing a choreographic project (providing a space for research) and a willingness to establish links with a professional environment and with audiences. The venues may be partners already in contact with the Master programme or, more broadly, ICI-CCN, but they may also be venues proposed by the students.

The relationship with the professional world is understood in a broad sense. In addition to the performing arts networks, partners may be involved in other fields of activity or be located outside mainland France. The choice of partner and, more broadly, the context of the residency, is determined by the needs of each outgoing student and the project he or she wishes to develop. To ensure that the exchange is reciprocal, attention is also paid to the way in which the project can be a resource for the host venue.

— Pooling experience

Realising that collective reflection and pooling experience are beneficial during the two years of training, we organise a two-day session inviting the entire graduating class to carry out a review once the residencies have been completed. This session provides an opportunity to deal, in very concrete terms, with the issues raised for each person during the residency and to take stock of the follow-up to be given.