Teaching program M1

This first year puts forward the notion of working processes in order to explore different aspects of choreographic practice and language. This is done with the aim of defining a working methodology appropriate to each student-artist-researcher's project.

This is organized around three main questions spread out throughout the year:

• How does one prepare – physically, with documentation material, by writing?

• What is material? choreographic, written?

• What are the tools of/ for composition? 

exerce monde

As an introduction to this first year and within exerce's specific context, these two weeks will be considered as an inauguration period. They will be an opportunity to put all resources in common, underlined by the diversity of the students-artists-researchers' backgrounds and experiences and by the different members of the pedagogical team.

Each morning session will be led by a student invited to share his/her own way of preparing (physically, by means of writing, with documentation...). This dedicated time will be followed by a period of exchange focusing on what this passing of information/experience has brought up. Different artists, researchers will be invited to prolong and contextualize these morning sessions around two questions which seem to be essential to explore at the very beginning of the program:

How does each one of us trace his/her own dance genealogy?

With which representations of schooling and pedagogical experimentation do each one of us approach the exerce study program?

Study booklet

To download the M1 study booklet, click HERE