TTT : tourcoing-taipei-tokyo / Iuan-Hau Chiang

Christian Rizzo et Iuan-Hau Chiang
Creation 2009-2011, installation
Duration : IL : 15 min | fom 1 : 7 min | paysage : 10 min

French premiere — June 13th, 2009, Le Fresnoy, Studio des arts contemporains, Tourcoing (France)
International premiere — September 16th, 2011, Garden of the French Institute of Tokyo (Japan)

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TTT = IL + fom 1 + landscape.

TTT = 3 distinct works brought together in one installation, which will vary depending on the presentation space.

TTT = Tourcoing -Taipei -Tokyo.

Tourcoing: Invited on two occasions as artist-professor at the Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains, Christian Rizzo was given the opportunity to create artworks using new media. In 2009, he presented IL120609, an installation bringing together three videos, including IL, and then, in 2011, a first version of fom1.

Taipei: During his first residency at Taipei Artist Village in 2006, Christian Rizzo met Iuan-hau Chiang, a Taiwanese artist working with computer-generated images. They collaborated together on the performance, comment dire « ici » ?, then on the virtual exhibition here we are now, and finally for the three TTT films. The sequences using motion-capture for fom1 and paysage were made in Taipei.

Tokyo: Throughout the summer of 2011, Christian Rizzo was invited by the Institut français de Tokyo to present a new work in the Institute’s garden, and came up with the idea of projecting a virtual landscape over top of the natural landscape already present. And, thus paysage was born, strongly influenced by Japanese engravings. IL and fom1 were also projected in the garden that same evening. This was the first projection of TTT. paysage would later be presented at the Fresnoy as part of the exhibition Visions fugitives, which is devoted to animated films.

Distribution et mentions

Concept and realisation: Christian Rizzo and Iuan-Hau Chiang | Technical direction: Bruno Capodagli | Production and touring director: Anne Fontanesi | Production and touring administrator: Anne Bautz

Production l’association fragile Executive Production ICI — centre chorégraphique national Montpellier - Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerrannée / Direction Christian Rizzo | Coproduction Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, l’institut français de Tokyo, le Digital Education Institute & Institute for Information Industry (Taïwan), l’Institut Français, Les Subsistances de Lyon, l’Institut Français de Taipei with the collaboration of Taiwan Cultural Ministry and the office of economical and cultural representation of Taiwan in Japan specials thanks to Emmanuelle de Montgazon who impulse this project


Photographs ©Christian Rizzo et Iuan-Hau Chiang

Date(s) passée(s)

03 > 04 July 2023

Chapelle - Le Py
— as part of "festival Parterre, 4 jours de danse dans l'Aude"

15 December 2018> 03 March 2019

Pearl Art Museum, Shangai (China)
— in the framework of the collective exhibition (Re) Model The World

01 > 04 March 2016

le lieu unique, scène nationale de Nantes (France)

13 > 15 May 2015

Dance 2015, Munich (Germany)

14 June 2014

A4 Gallery, Chengdu (China)
— in the framework of France-Chine 50 and Festival Croisements

19 > 27 November 2010

DeSingel, Anvers (Belgium)